A Guide to London’s Street Art

London's Street Art

One of the best street art cultures in the world is found in London. Banksy and up-and-coming artists are among the many street artists in the city. Take in some of London’s best street art if you’re considering visiting its vibrant neighborhoods. We will explore some of the best street art locations in London on this tour.

Types of Street Art in London

Street art in London is diverse and encompasses various styles and techniques.  The following are among the city’s most well-known street art styles to look for:

Types of Street Art in London


The urban hip-hop movement of the 1970s, notably in New York City, is where graffiti’s roots may be traced. Early graffiti artists, also called “taggers,” would write their names or nicknames on walls and structures to declare their identity and presence in the surroundings.

Graffiti developed into a more sophisticated kind of art over time. Graffiti artists started experimenting with various methods and styles; some even started making murals and other substantial art pieces.

Graffiti is now a well-known and renowned street art, with numerous well-known creators and works shown worldwide. Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy are a few well-known graffiti artists.

Although it is sometimes illegal, graffiti is still generally considered to be a form of vandalism despite growing acceptance of it as a genuine art form. Other cities, like London, have made graffiti considered public art and set aside specific spaces for street artists to produce their works.

Graffiti is widespread throughout London, especially in areas like Shoreditch, Camden, and Brixton that have active street art cultures. Many works of art make visually appealing and colorful political or social remarks.


Murals are a type of street art where large-scale pictures or designs are painted on walls or other surfaces. They are widespread across London and frequently used to enliven public spaces and spread social or political themes.

Since humans first painted pictures on cave walls in the prehistoric era, murals have a long and rich history. Murals have been employed more recently to beautify metropolitan areas and advance social and political concerns.

Murals around London are in various areas, from the bright and colorful murals in Shoreditch and Brixton to the political and social justice murals in Camden. The David Bowie painting in Brixton, the Migrants artwork in Shoreditch, and the Marcus Rashford mural in Withington are a few of London’s most well-known murals.

Murals can transform drab and unattractive places into vibrant and interesting settings, which is one of their advantages. Additionally, they can foster a sense of belonging and pride, especially in communities that have seen neglect or underinvestment.

Professional artists frequently create murals, but they can also be produced by residents or as a component of community-based art initiatives. Murals have recently gained popularity among cities and groups as a way to promote public art and foster community involvement.

Stickers and Posters

In London, graffiti artists often use stickers and posters as a kind of street art to spread their thoughts or promote their creations. They can be seen throughout the city on lampposts, walls, and other common places.

As a common street art form, stickers foster a sense of belonging and identification among street artists. They can spread social or political messages, enliven public spaces with vibrant and intriguing patterns, or act as a “calling card” for an artist or group.

Posters are another common street art used to promote shows, events, or social or political causes.

Professional, amateur, and neighborhood artists can produce stickers and posters as part of collaborative art initiatives. Stickers and posters have recently gained popularity among cities and groups to promote public art and foster civic involvement.

Where to Find Street Art in London

London is a vast city, and different neighborhoods have street art. But street art is more prevalent in some places than others. Here are some of London’s top locations to look for street art:

Where to Find Street Art in London

Shoreditch and Brick Lane

East London’s Shoreditch and Brick Lane are two areas that are well-known throughout the world for their street art scenes. Although there has been street art and graffiti in these areas since the 1980s, the scene didn’t really take off until the early 2000s.

Shoreditch is home to some of London’s most recognizable street art. Murals, stencils, paste-ups, and stickers cover the streets and constantly add new artwork 

 In Shoreditch, you may find the work of some of the most well-known street artists, including Banksy, ROA, Invader, Shepard Fairey, and Stik.

Banksy, in particular, has left his mark on the area with several pieces scattered throughout Shoreditch. “Girl with a Balloon,” a Banksy work on a wall on Great Eastern Street, is the most well-known example of his work in the region. It has been copied on t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise and has become a recognized piece of street art.

Brick Lane is another hotspot for street art in London. The well-known Banksy mural “The Old Truman Brewery” may be found there; in 2020, it was restored after spending years concealed by billboards. The mural features a child holding a machine gun with a group of pigeons standing behind him.

In addition to Banksy’s work, you can find pieces by other well-known street artists in Brick Lane. These include Jimmy C, known for his pointillism style, and Pure Evil, whose signature “bunny” stencil can be seen all over the area.

A walking tour is one of the best ways to learn about the street art movement in Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Numerous tours will lead you through the city’s streets and back alleys to view some of the best works of street art. Knowledgeable guides lead these tours, which can tell you about the history and significance of the different street art pieces you will see.


Another South London district that has grown popular for street art is Brixton. The strong history of political activism is reflected frequently in the region’s street art. Brixton is renowned for the vivid and colorful murals that adorn the area’s streets, storefronts, and other surfaces.

The “Nuclear Dawn” mural is among Brixton’s best-known street artworks. This massive mural, created in 1981 by Brian Barnes and Dale McCrea, shows a man holding a baby while a nuclear bomb decimates the entire planet. It has become a recognizable work of anti-nuclear activism and a symbol for the movement.

In addition to “Nuclear Dawn,” Brixton is home to various street art murals. One of the best-known performers to have performed there is David Bowie. A tribute to the renowned musician who was born and raised in Brixton is the mural “Aladdin Sane.”

Stik, whose recognizable stick figures are on walls throughout Brixton, and Jimmy C, well-known for his pointillism aesthetic, are two other well-known street artists.

Like Shoreditch and Brick Lane, there are also walking tours available in Brixton that will take you around the area to see some of the best examples of street art. These tours are a great way to learn about the history and culture of the neighborhood while discovering some incredible art.


Camden is another neighborhood in North London that has become popular among street art enthusiasts. It’s well-known for its vibrant music scene, markets, and alternative culture, and the street art in the area.

The Amy Winehouse mural is one of Camden’s most well-known street art pieces. The mural, created by street artist Pegasus, depicts Amy Winehouse, the late singer and songwriter, and has become an iconic tribute to the musician who lived in the neighborhood.

The Amy Winehouse painting is only one of Camden’s street art installations and murals. The region is home to various street artists, from well-known ones like Banksy and Invader to up-and-coming ones leaving their imprint on the scene.

The annual Camden Street Art Festival is only one of Camden’s famous street art celebrations. Street artists from all around the world come together for this festival to produce fresh works of art nearby. It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness some unique street art in action.

A walking tour is one of the finest ways to discover Camden’s street art scene. Numerous excursions are offered that will take you to the top locations for street art in the area.


The street art culture in London is thriving and diversified. It is a dynamic type of art that captures the metropolis’s social, political, and cultural aspects. Some of London’s best street art may be found by wandering around the various neighborhoods. Whether you’re a seasoned street art enthusiast or a curious traveler, London’s street art scene is definitely worth a visit.

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