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Brixton: Area Guide by London Calendar

Brixton Village London

Brixton is a neighborhood in the London Borough of Lambeth, located in the south of the city. It is known for its diverse population, vibrant arts and culture scene, and as the site of significant historical events and social movements.

The area has a long history, with evidence of human settlement dating back to the Roman era. In the 19th century, Brixton was a predominantly rural area, but it underwent rapid development in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, becoming a densely populated inner-city neighborhood.

Brixton has a diverse population, with a high proportion of immigrants and people of African and Caribbean descent. It has a strong sense of community and is known for its lively markets, music scene, and diverse range of restaurants and bars. The neighborhood is also home to several cultural institutions, including the Brixton Academy, a popular music venue, and the Brixton Village and Market Row, which are known for their diverse range of independent shops and food stalls.

Brixton has a rich cultural history and has been the site of significant social and political movements. It was the location of the 1981 Brixton riots, which were sparked by tensions between the police and the local community. More recently, the area has become a hub for activism and social justice, with a number of organizations and groups based in the neighborhood working on issues such as gentrification, racism, and police accountability.

Despite its reputation as a lively and diverse area, Brixton has also faced challenges, including high levels of poverty and inequality. In recent years, there has been controversy over gentrification in the area, with some residents and community organizations raising concerns about the displacement of long-term residents and the loss of the neighborhood’s unique character.

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