Can London’s Beloved Ikea Site Survive the Redevelopment Wave?

Tottenham’s old Ikea could be turned into thousands of flats

Explore the ambitious plans to revamp Tottenham’s Pymmes Waterside site, including housing, office spaces, and more.

London’s skyline is ever-evolving, with development projects reshaping the cityscape. While progress is welcome, balancing modernization and preserving the institutions that make London unique is essential. In this article, we delve into the ambitious redevelopment plans for Tottenham’s Pymmes Waterside site, a vibrant area under the jurisdiction of Enfield Council since 2018. Join us as we explore the proposed transformation, potential challenges, and its implications for the local community.

Pymmes Waterside: A Brief Overview

The Meridian Water Regeneration Scheme

Pymmes Waterside, affectionately known as the old Ikea site, has been part of Enfield Council’s ambitious ‘Meridian Water’ regeneration scheme. This visionary project seeks to rejuvenate the area, bringing vitality and prosperity to Tottenham.

Sheppard Robson Takes the Reins

Architecture firm Sheppard Robson has stepped onto the stage with plans to reshape Pymmes Waterside. Their vision includes constructing 2,830 homes and over 30,035 square meters of versatile space for offices, retail outlets, educational facilities, and community-centric spaces. The proposed development comprises ten new buildings, varying in height from five to 30 storeys.

Controversy Surrounding Ikea’s Fate

A cloud of controversy hovers over Sheppard Robson’s proposals due to their intention to demolish the former Ikea store on the site. Currently, this space houses Drumsheds, a thriving superclub managed by the creators of Printworks, a beloved London institution. Printworks faced closure earlier this year to make room for office block developments, sparking concern among nightlife enthusiasts.

The Shift from Retail to Residential

Interestingly, Pymmes Waterside’s original 2013 plans aimed to retain the Ikea store, but Sheppard Robson now envisions transforming the area into residential property. This shift has generated mixed reactions within the community, with some eagerly anticipating new housing options and others lamenting the potential loss of a beloved clubbing venue.

Can London's Beloved Ikea Site Survive the Redevelopment Wave?"

The Future of Drumsheds

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite the proposed redevelopment plans, there remains a glimmer of hope for the future of Drumsheds. Sheppard Robson’s vision has not yet received approval and is scheduled for consultation later this year, preceding a formal planning application. This window of opportunity allows stakeholders and enthusiasts to voice their concerns and advocate for preserving London’s nightlife scene.


The Pymmes Waterside redevelopment project stands at a crossroads, with the potential to reshape Tottenham’s landscape and breathe new life into the area. While controversy surrounds the fate of the former Ikea store and the beloved Drumsheds, there remains an opportunity for the community to influence the outcome. As Tottenham evolves, it’s essential to strike a balance between progress and preserving the cultural institutions that make London an iconic global city. The future of Pymmes Waterside is in the hands of its stakeholders, and the world watches with anticipation.

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