Fabric Nightclub’s Epic 24th Birthday

Fabric is having a 30-hour birthday party in October

Join the celebration at Fabric Nightclub’s 24th birthday bash! Explore its history, music, and iconic lineup in this epic article.

Fabric turns 24 this October, and what better way to celebrate the iconic nightclub than a whopping 30 hours of dancing? Running from Saturday, October 14, at 11 pm non-stop through to Monday morning at 5 am, this party is giving Berghain a run for its money.

Fabric’s Rich History

Fabric Nightclub, situated opposite Smithfield meat market, has been a cornerstone of London’s dance music scene since its inception in 1999. Despite a temporary closure in 2016 due to unfortunate incidents, the club has maintained its reputation as a beacon of electronic music, boasting one of London’s best sound systems.

The Unforgettable Lineup

Fabric’s birthday weekend lineup is nothing short of extraordinary. The curated talent roster includes renowned DJs and rising stars, promising an unforgettable musical experience.

Or:la – A Rising Star

One of the highlights of Fabric’s birthday lineup is the inclusion of Or:la. This rising star has been making waves in the electronic music scene with her innovative sounds and electrifying sets.

Freddy K – Techno Virtuoso

Freddy K, a techno virtuoso, will be at the helm during this momentous celebration. Known for his pulsating beats and mesmerizing rhythms, he’s set to keep the dancefloor alive.

Adiel – A Journey through Soundscapes

Adiel’s presence promises a journey through intricate soundscapes. Her ability to blend genres and create a seamless musical narrative is not to be missed.

Raresh – The Master of Groove

Raresh, the master of the groove, brings his signature style to Fabric’s birthday bash. Expect a night filled with irresistible beats and infectious energy.

Ricardo Villalobos – A Legend Returns

Ricardo Villalobos, a living legend in the electronic music realm, returns triumphantly to Fabric. His otherworldly sets have always been a crowd-pleaser.

Craig Richards and Terry Francis – Fabric’s Heart and Soul

No Fabric celebration would be complete without its long-time residents, Craig Richards and Terry Francis. These two have been the heart and soul of the club, guiding it through its illustrious journey.

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Fabric’s Evolution

As Fabric reaches its 24th year, it stands as a testament to the evolution of London’s nightlife. The club has survived and thrived, adapting to changing trends while staying true to its core identity.

Birth of an Icon

Fabric Nightclub’s birth in 1999 marked a pivotal moment in London’s clubbing history. Its unique location, nestled in the heart of Smithfield, set it apart from the rest.

The Sound System Revolution

One of Fabric’s standout features has always been its sound system. Known for its crystal-clear quality, it’s the club’s heartbeat, pulsating with energy and setting the stage for unforgettable nights.

The Closure and Rebirth

In 2016, Fabric faced a temporary closure due to drug-related incidents. However, this setback only fueled the club’s determination to provide patrons with a safe and enjoyable space.

Fabric’s Resurgence

Fabric’s triumphant return after the closure was met with widespread support from the music community and fans alike. It marked a resurgence of the club’s influence and cultural significance.

The Fabric Experience

A Night at Fabric is more than just dancing; it’s an immersive experience that leaves an indelible mark on anyone who enters its hallowed doors.

The Aesthetics

Fabric’s interior design is a blend of industrial chic and immersive lighting. The visuals complement the music, creating a visually and aurally stunning atmosphere.

The Eclectic Crowd

Fabric has always attracted a diverse and passionate crowd of music lovers. The energy on the dancefloor is palpable, making every night a unique social experience.

The Spirit of Inclusivity

One of Fabric’s enduring qualities is its commitment to inclusivity. It’s a place where everyone, regardless of background or identity, can come together to celebrate music.

Iconic Moments

Over the years, Fabric has witnessed countless iconic moments. From surprise DJ appearances to legendary sets, each night at the club is filled with possibilities.


Fabric Nightclub’s 24th birthday celebration is more than just a party; it’s a celebration of London’s vibrant electronic music culture and a testament to the enduring spirit of a venue that has weathered challenges and emerged stronger. As Fabric continues to shape the future of nightlife, it invites you to be part of a musical journey that transcends time and leaves you with memories that last a lifetime. Join us in celebrating 24 years of dance, music, and memories at Fabric!

Contact – +44 20 7336 8898

Location – https://maps.app.goo.gl/2T2YrZVbw9E6ix3s6

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