Inside Thames Living, the Porsche-Powered Luxury Township

London is getting a new ‘luxury town’ on the Thames backed by Porsche

Step into the future of urban living as Porsche-backed Thames Living promises a vibrant, high-end community along the River Thames.

In a vision of London’s future, boroughs as we know them cease to exist. Instead, the city is divided into wealthy townships funded by multimillion-pound corporations. Imagine a world where luxury living is the norm and urban development boundaries are pushed to new extremes. This is the exciting prospect Thames Living offers, a groundbreaking project with Porsche’s support. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this futuristic development and explore how it’s set to reshape life in the capital.

The Rise of Thames Living

As we fast forward to 2050, the landscape of London is unrecognizable, with luxury townships taking centre stage. One such remarkable development is Thames Living, set to grace the banks of the River Thames. Supported by Porsche Consulting, a prestigious sports car manufacturer subsidiary, Thames Living promises to be more than just a residential area—it’s poised to become a vibrant, self-contained destination.

A Township Like No Other

Thames Living is shrouded in mystery, with exact details closely guarded. However, the project’s mission is clear: to create a dynamic community that generates jobs fosters opportunities, and offers its residents a range of new services. But what can future inhabitants expect from this cutting-edge township?

Luxurious Amenities at Your Doorstep

Thames Living aims to redefine luxury living with many modern, high-quality amenities. These will encompass everything from beautifully landscaped parks to top-notch entertainment venues. Residents can look forward to world-class hotels, an eclectic dining scene, impeccable hospitality services, and a retail paradise—all within the township’s boundaries.

London is getting a new ‘luxury town’ on the Thames backed by Porsche

A Unique Location

While the exact location of Thames Living remains a well-kept secret, we do know that it will be nestled along the picturesque River Thames. Moreover, it will be strategically positioned within a ten-minute walk of a train station, offering quick and convenient access to central London in under 20 minutes. This prime location ensures that residents can enjoy the tranquility of the riverside while staying connected to the city’s bustling heart.

The Porsche Connection

Thames Living’s association with Porsche Consulting adds an intriguing layer to this ambitious project. While not the direct financier, Porsche Consulting’s support underscores the luxury car brand’s commitment to elevating the standards of urban living. The partnership signifies a blend of engineering precision and visionary urban planning.

Reserve Your Place in the Future

Excited about the prospect of living in this lavish new community? You can take the first step towards securing your spot in Thames Living today. For a reservation fee of £10,000, you can register your interest on the Thames Living website. This exclusive opportunity offers a glimpse into what promises to be a revolutionary chapter in London’s urban evolution.


Thames Living, the luxury township backed by Porsche Consulting, is set to transform London’s urban landscape. With its promise of modern amenities, prime location, and a visionary approach to community living, it represents a bold step into the future. As 2050 approaches, we can only anticipate how Thames Living will shape the way we live and experience the city. This is not just a new chapter; it’s a whole new book in the story of London’s evolution.

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