London’s Lunar Odyssey: ‘The Moonwalkers’ at The Lightroom

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Join Tom Hanks on a celestial journey at The Lightroom. Explore ‘The Moonwalkers’ immersive experience. Book now!

Discover London’s latest cultural gem, The Lightroom, located in the vibrant King’s Cross area. This cutting-edge venue is redefining the art of immersive experiences, setting a new standard in projection-based exhibitions. Following the success of the David Hockney exhibition ‘Bigger & Closer,’ The Lightroom is back with an even more captivating offering. Prepare to embark on an otherworldly journey guided by none other than Hollywood icon Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks: From Hollywood to Space Enthusiast

Unveiling the Celestial Passion of a Beloved Actor

Tom Hanks, known for his heartwarming roles and endearing personality, has a lesser-known passion – space exploration. Dive into the world of this multifaceted actor-producer as he combines his fascination with space and storytelling prowess to bring ‘The Moonwalkers’ to life.

‘The Moonwalkers’: A Truly Immersive Experience

Bringing the Moon’s Mystique to Earth

Original NASA Footage and Stunning Photography

Journey Through Time and Space with Unprecedented Visuals

Get ready to be transported through time with original NASA footage of the Apollo landings. Complementing this remarkable archive is the breathtaking photography from Andy Saunders’s ‘Apollo Remastered.’ Witness the moon’s magnificence like never before.

An Enchanting Musical Score

The Soundtrack of Lunar Exploration

Immerse yourself in the moon’s enigmatic world with an original score composed by Anne Nikitin. Let the music guide your emotions as you traverse the lunar landscape.

Tom Hanks: The Voice of the Moon

From Hollywood to the Cosmos, Hanks Narrates the Journey

Tom Hanks takes on the role of narrator, lending his iconic voice to tell the story of humanity’s lunar adventures. His script, co-written with Christopher Riley, delves into the past and future of moon exploration.

Conversations with Artemis Astronauts

An Exclusive Peek into the Next Lunar Expedition

‘The Moonwalkers’ goes beyond history; it brings you face to face with the future. Listen to Tom Hanks in conversation with the astronauts of the upcoming Artemis expedition. Discover their aspirations and what it takes to return to the moon after five decades.

Tom Hanks is narrating a spectacular space-themed immersive experience in London

The Lightroom’s Technological Marvel

Where Art Meets Innovation

A Bespoke Production

A Unique Experience Crafted for The Lightroom

‘The Moonwalkers’ is not a recycled show but a bespoke production created exclusively for The Lightroom. Expect an experience that resonates with the venue’s high-tech capabilities.

Hockney’s Return

Changing Shows, Changing Perspectives

While ‘The Moonwalkers’ takes center stage, don’t fret about missing out on David Hockney’s ‘Bigger & Closer.’ The Lightroom plans to bring it back in 2024, showcasing the versatility of this cutting-edge venue.

Ticketing Information

Join the Cosmic Odyssey

Dates and Pricing

Secure Your Journey to the Moon

Tickets for ‘The Moonwalkers: A Journey with Tom Hanks’ are now available for purchase. Prices range from £25 to £29.50, offering various options to embark on this celestial voyage.


London’s Lightroom: Where Imagination Meets Innovation

Prepare to be spellbound by ‘The Moonwalkers’ as The Lightroom in King’s Cross redefines the boundaries of immersive experiences. With Tom Hanks as your guide, you’ll explore the moon’s mysteries, past, present, and future, all in a venue that combines art and technology like never before. Secure your ticket and get ready to journey to the moon and back in the heart of London.

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