London’s Mindful Moment at the National Portrait Gallery

London's Mindful Moment at the National Portrait Gallery

Discover the captivating ‘Art of London: Take A Moment 2023’ photography display at the National Portrait Gallery. Explore how this powerful exhibition featuring celebrities and everyday heroes is raising awareness for mental health in London.

Art has the incredible ability to touch hearts, provoke thought, and inspire change. In the bustling heart of London’s West End, the National Portrait Gallery has teamed up with ‘Take A Moment’ to unveil a photography display that does just that. This captivating exhibition, titled ‘Art of London: Take A Moment 2023,’ showcases the work of photographic artist Ray Burmiston. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through this remarkable display, shining a light on the power of art to raise awareness for mental health in the bustling capital city.

A Glimpse of Calm Amidst the Hustle

In the heart of London, the National Portrait Gallery’s new Spotlight Space has become the canvas for a breathtaking photography display that is turning heads and capturing hearts. In partnership with ‘Take A Moment,’ Ray Burmiston has captured hundreds of famous faces uniquely – with their eyes closed. This simple serenity speaks volumes, delivering a message of mindfulness and mental health awareness to all who gaze upon these portraits.

‘Art of London: Take A Moment 2023’

This extraordinary exhibition is a gift to the city. Running until October 15, it’s a visual feast that encourages everyone to pause, reflect, and ‘take a moment’ for their mental well-being. On World Mental Health Awareness Day, October 10, the project will reach its pinnacle, leaving a lasting impact on Londoners.

Celebrities Leading the Way

The star-studded lineup of this exhibition includes some of the entertainment industry’s brightest stars. From the irreverent Ricky Gervais to the soulful Ronan Keating and the iconic Busted, these celebrities have lent their faces to a cause beyond fame and recognition. Their eyes-closed portraits convey a powerful message: mental health matters.

Everyday Heroes in the Frame

But ‘Art of London: Take A Moment 2023’ is not just about celebrities. It’s about the everyday heroes who make London a better place. The London Fire Brigade Soho Watch, embodying bravery and selflessness, is among the unsung heroes featured in this display. Their portraits remind us that strength and resilience are worth celebrating.

London's Mindful Moment at the National Portrait Gallery

Lights, Camera, Projection!

Taking mental health awareness to new heights, Ray Burmiston’s striking portraits will also grace the iconic Piccadilly Lights. This isn’t just a one-way display; it’s an invitation to Londoners. You can submit a selfie with your eyes closed and, if fate smiles, appear alongside your favorite stars on the grand stage of Piccadilly Lights on World Mental Health Day.

A Season of Art and Inspiration

‘Art of London: Take A Moment 2023’ highlights Art of London’s Summer Season. Celebrating art in all forms this season has breathed life into London’s creative and inspiring West End district. This photography exhibition stands as a testament to the power of art to unite, inspire, and promote positive change in the community.

Secret London’s Hidden Stars

Even our Secret London team members, Jess, Phoebe, and Tom, have been part of this extraordinary exhibition. Their portraits will illuminate the Piccadilly Lights, adding a touch of familiarity and warmth to the dazzling display on October 10. Keep your eyes peeled for these familiar faces!

Ray Burmiston’s Vision

Ray Burmiston, the photographic artist behind ‘Take A Moment,’ shares his deep connection to this project. Growing up in the West End, he sees sharing his work at the National Portrait Gallery as the ultimate honor. In his words, the ‘eyes closed’ portraits aim to remind as many people as possible to take a moment for themselves. Those few seconds of pause can make a world of difference to everyone.

Art of London’s Director Speaks

Mark Williams, the Director of Art of London, expresses his delight at partnering with the National Portrait Gallery for this exhibition. He believes art can be a powerful tool for raising awareness about mental health. Through this display, he hopes to inspire West End visitors to pause, reflect, and find solace within one of the city’s most iconic locations.


‘Art of London: Take A Moment 2023’ is more than just an exhibition; it’s a testament to the power of art to impact mental health awareness positively. Through closed-eye portraits, this display invites Londoners to pause and reflect on their well-being. As the portraits grace the iconic Piccadilly Lights, they become a beacon of hope and mindfulness for all who pass by. Let this exhibition serve as a reminder that in the hustle and bustle of life, taking a moment for ourselves can make all the difference. So, join us in celebrating this beautiful fusion of art and advocacy for mental health in the heart of London’s West End.

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