The Ever After Garden Returns in 2023

Thousands Of White Roses Will Light Up Grosvenor Square In Memory Of Loved Ones

Discover the heartwarming Ever After Garden in London’s Grosvenor Square, a mesmerizing sea of illuminated white roses that allows visitors to dedicate roses to their loved ones, all while supporting The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

London has a rich history, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture. However, a hidden gem in the heart of Mayfair touches the souls of all who visit—the Ever After Garden. This enchanting space, adorned with thousands of illuminated white roses, isn’t just a visual spectacle; it’s a place where memories are honored, and a noble cause is supported. This article delves deep into the Ever After Garden, exploring its origins, impact on The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, and how you can be a part of this heartwarming experience.

The Ever After Garden: A Glimpse into its Beauty

The Ever After Garden, an awe-inspiring creation, is set to return to Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square on November 16, and it promises to be even more captivating than before. Imagine a sea of glistening white roses, each one telling a unique story, each one symbolizing love and remembrance. Visitors can dedicate pre-planted roses to the cherished individuals they have lost. These dedications not only honor the memory of loved ones but also contribute to a noble cause—the support of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

The Visionaries: Anya Hindmarch and Camilla Morton

The Ever After Garden is the brainchild of two creative minds, Anya Hindmarch and Camilla Morton. This luminous garden is a tribute to their dear friend, the talented Production Designer Michael Howells. It was in 2019 that this extraordinary concept first graced Grosvenor Square, offering a serene and beautiful way to commemorate loved ones lost to us. Though absent in 2020, the Ever After Garden has since become an annual tradition, touching the hearts of all who visit.

Impactful Fundraising

In just four years, the Ever After Garden has achieved something remarkable—it has raised over £450,000 for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The year 2022 was particularly successful, with over £200,000 raised, showcasing the growing impact of this heartwarming initiative. These funds play a crucial role in supporting cancer patients, not only at The Royal Marsden but around the world.

Words from Anya Hindmarch CBE

Anya Hindmarch, a renowned designer and a Trustee of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, shared her thoughts on this remarkable garden:

“The Ever After Garden is a truly special and poignant place to visit, providing a space where people can come together and remember someone they have lost. The garden means a great deal to so many and has raised an incredible sum for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, which supports cancer patients not only at The Royal Marsden but worldwide.”

Thousands Of White Roses Will Light Up Grosvenor Square In Memory Of Loved Ones

Experiencing The Ever After Garden

Are you ready to be part of this heartwarming experience? Let’s explore how you can visit and contribute to the Ever After Garden.

Early Opening for Extended Enjoyment

This year’s Ever After Garden is set to open a bit earlier than in previous years, welcoming visitors on November 16. The extended opening hours, from 3 PM to 9 PM, provide ample time for well-wishers and visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings.

Entrance is Free, Contributions are Encouraged

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Ever After Garden is that entrance is free for all. Regardless of their background, anyone can step into this oasis of white roses. However, visitors are encouraged to contribute to the installation by adding a personal dedication to one of the illuminated, white silk roses. A suggested donation of £10 for each dedication helps support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity’s noble mission.

Dedication Options

Visitors have multiple options for making dedications. They can write them in person when visiting the garden or, for added convenience, submit them online. This flexibility ensures everyone can participate, regardless of location or schedule.

A Visitor’s Perspective: Fran Whitfield

Fran Whitfield, who has been receiving treatment at The Royal Marsden since 2020 after a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, shared her experience from visiting the Ever After Garden last year:

“It really is a breath-taking sight when you look out over the sea of white roses that light up in the square. I dedicated roses to two people – Hatti and Rob – who were beacons of light in mine and many others’ lives, who are greatly missed every day.”

Visit the Ever After Garden

If you’re ready to experience the Ever After Garden’s enchantment and make your dedications, mark your calendar. The installation will be open from November 16 to December 19, located in the heart of Mayfair at Grosvenor Square, W1K 2HP. Whether you’re a London local or a visitor from afar, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something truly special.

Opening Hours: 3 PM – 9 PM, Every Day


The Ever After Garden is not merely a spectacle of beauty; it’s a testament to love, remembrance, and the power of collective goodwill. Its enchanting sea of white roses allows visitors to honor their loved ones while supporting The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity’s crucial work. As it returns to Mayfair, it invites everyone to be a part of this touching experience, make dedications, and contribute to a noble cause. Don’t miss your chance to visit the Ever After Garden, where memories are illuminated and hearts are warmed.

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